My Resolutions for 2017

30 Dec

Season’s Greetings, folks! It’s that time of the year again, when we reflect on the year that is about to end and look forward to the one which is about to begin. It’s also the time when we make our New Year’s resolutions as we try to turn over a new leaf. Here’s a list of resolutions I’ve made for 2017:



  • Take my yoga teaching to the next level. This includes not only teaching more classes, but also being a student in other people’s classes and learning from their teaching styles. It also includes improving my hands-on assisting technique, and continuing my general education in order to deepen my knowledge not just of the physical aspect of yoga, but also of the mental and spiritual facets of the practice.


  • Get more involved in group exercise and boot camps. I took a semi-hiatus from these things for the past two years in order to put my focus into my 200-hour yoga training and to spend more time at home with my wife. But now I’m chomping at the bit to get going again. I miss the energy of being at the gym, and I miss the many wonderful friends I’ve made at the various health clubs I’ve been fortunate enough to teach and train at. As with yoga, I’d like to not only teach more classes, but also take more classes taught by other people in order to learn from them.


  • Write more. A former personal training client and Group Centergy student of mine who is also a professional editor (and a good friend to boot) once told me once that I have a gift after I showed her a sample of my writing. She also told me that I should be using that gift and sharing it with a wider audience – and she’s absolutely right!


  • Get more organized around the house. As I started spending more time focusing on my career in the health and fitness industry, one casualty of the long hours I was putting in is that the upkeep around the house suffered greatly, and it hasn’t recovered since. But it’s essential for both Cathy’s and my peace of mind, and it also ties in with my next resolution:


  • Get more face time and social interaction in general. As I took my semi-hiatus from personal training and group exercise instruction, I found myself dearly missing it. I spend my entire work day alone in front of a computer, and I spend the majority of my weekends by myself in an empty house, because my wife works in retail. And the isolation has taken a toll on me emotionally: To be perfectly candid about it, I’ve found myself feeling lonely and depressed over the course of this holiday season, and I’m making a conscious effort to reach out to other people in order to lift my spirits.


  • Learn more about the business side of the health, fitness and overall wellness profession. This piece, more than any other, is going to require that I step out of my comfort zone. But it’s also critical if I’m going to take my career to the place where I want it to be.


Please feel free to weigh in with your own New Year’s resolutions. I would also ask you to hold me accountable for each and every one of the resolutions I’ve made, and I’ll gladly do the same for you. Happy New Year, everybody!



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