Want To Shed Some Unwanted Pounds? Try Getting Centered

16 Apr

We all know that cardiovascular fitness is an essential element to attaining and maintaining a healthy weight and body composition. Chances are you’re already aware of the role that strength training plays in the process as well: In short, muscle builds metabolism. But have you been working hard on both of these things and still finding your ultimate fitness goals eluding you? If so, then there may be one critical component to your success that you’re overlooking: your mindset. The solution? Try incorporating a little yoga into your routine (and in case you were wondering: Yes, Group Centergy most definitely counts!)

This may seem counterintuitive on the face of it, because when set in juxtaposition to many other group exercise formats, yoga seems to entail relatively little overall movement. But one major impediment to optimal fitness for a lot of people is the presence of high levels of stress hormones such as cortisol, which makes it more difficult for the body to shed extraneous body fat — and this is where yoga comes in. There’s a special emphasis placed on the mind/body connection in a yoga class which is an important part of a good, balanced fitness program, and there’s even a 5-minute rest at the end, which is intended to help people quiet their minds as well as rest their bodies. Maintaining a sense of calm and inner peace presents a daunting challenge for many of us as we try to make our way in an increasingly fast-paced and high-stress culture. But if you practice centering your energy, you may be surprised at how much your overall sense of well-being increases as a result. And when you begin to release your stress, you may very well find yourself releasing unwanted pounds and inches as well.


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